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After a seemingly endless climb on crumbling stairs, spiraling up through a chimney of rock, you emerge into blinding sunlight. Before you lies a massive plateau. At its center, a great lake is surrounded by a peculiar city of glittering domes, spires, and elevated walkways. The architecture, obviously not conforming to human measures or logic, causes a vague unease in the recesses of your brain. Who built this ... monstrosity ... and when? Who or what might still live here?

A solitary hooting noise is your only warning before a mob of hairy figures crash out of the brush around you, flinging nets over you and your friends.

This Issue  

  • Grizel Farstrider, keeper of secrets! 
  • Intelligent apes! 
  • Gladiator battles! 
  • An insane dimensional portal! 
  • Rules for ape characters! 
  • Weird alien technologies! 
  • Pteranodons with laser eyes! 
  • Movie trailers for dungeons! 

Plundergrounds is a series of theme-forward zines devoted to Dungeon World adventures. Download your free copy of issue #1, Ape City, below and subscribe to Plundergrounds at my Patreon page. Subscribers will receive an issue in each even month of 2017.