003 Grab Bag

• It's a Grab Bag! (Random thoughts and call-ins.)
• Colin from the Spikepit podcast talks bio-dungeons and Goblintown
-> anchor.fm/spikepit
-> jellysawgames.blogspot.com/p/goblintown.html
• Urmo the Magnificent
• Cody M on unruly reptile familiars
• My Kickstarter Attitude Adjustment
• Frank Turfler of the Liner Notes podcast talks about bio-dungeons
-> anchor.fm/frankt
• Reading Dragonlance at 50
• Final Thoughts/Responses to Callers


001 Making the Fantastic Familiar


000 Pilot


Principia Apocrypha

I read this over the weekend and the advice is very good. (Also the illustrations by Evlyn Moreau are super cool.) The funny thing is I was just finishing up a very close read of the Dungeon World text. Coupled with that, I had just heard Jason Cordova and Jason Hobbs on the Hobbs & Friends of the OSR podcast talk about the 'horseshoe effect.' And that gave me a different perspective on Principia.

The horseshoe effect says that the indie/story game scene and the OSR scene, being at opposite ends of a kind of spectrum, are actually closer to each other than everything in the middle, like the two ends of a horseshoe.

Principia Apocrypha is one good example, I think. The OSR advice in here follows the format of the GM/MC agenda from PbtA games. And all of it, with one or two minor exceptions, is absolutely applicable to Dungeon World. (Often it is essentially the same advice given in Dungeon World, just stated differently.)

Anyway, it's free and it's worth your time.