Adding Profession/Background to Simple Skills

In my last post I talked about a simple skill system.

The GM sets difficulty at 4, 5, or 6, then indicates the related ability. Players roll some number of dice based on their bonus:

-1 or worse: roll 2d6 and take worst
0: roll d6
+1: roll 2d6 and take best
+2: roll 3d6 and take best

Basically you roll d6 equal to your mod+1, unless it's negative.

But what if you want a profession or "background" to play into it? Then I would ratchet it all down 1 step. You roll dice equal to your bonus. If you don't have a positive bonus, you roll 2d6 and take the worst. However, if you have an applicable background, add 1d6. So, the new rules set looks like this:

Simplified Skills (w/B)

  • If you have an applicable background, you get one die (d6). You also get one die for each positive point of related ability bonus.
  • If this gives you more than one die, roll them and take the best one.
  • If you have no dice (no applicable p/b and no positive modifier), you roll 2d6 and take worst.
  • If you match or beat the target difficulty set by the GM (4, 5, or 6), you succeed.

The odds are the same:

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