Simple Skills System

This is just an idea I had for skills in B/X, 0e, or AD&D. 

Of course, the GM has to agree to let you try. If you want to try playing a song on a lute with zero experience, the GM can just say you fail. 

When the GM decides to call for a skill roll, they set the difficulty at 4 (easy), 5 (average), or 6 (difficult). The player must roll that number or higher to succeed on one or more dice. The number of dice rolled is based on the related skill and its modifier as follows:
  • Ability -1 or worse, roll 2d6 and take the lowest
  • Ability +0, roll 1d6
  • Ability +1, roll 2d6 and take the best
  • Ability +2 or more, roll 3d6 and take the best
The odds work out like this:

Why is this better than simply trying to roll under you raw ability with a d20? For one thing it's roll high = good, which seems to be more intuitive. It also lets you set a difficulty level, where you would have to use modifiers to do that with the d20. 

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