Plundergrounds 5: The Far Erinyes

Plundergrounds is a series of theme-forward zines devoted to Dungeon World adventures. Each 24-page issue features a new and different setting with enough content to keep a group of players happy for 1-5 sessions.

The Far Erinyes is a crossroads - something that I think every GM can use. It's a city that sits at the nexus of several adventure worlds:

In This Issue  

  • The Olvani Spire is an island-city where people from all over the known world might run into each other. However, it's also at the edge of the known world and a secret world lies inside of the spire, so it might also be a place where people go to get lost. 
  • Of course the seas that surround the Erinyes provides grand opportunities for sailing adventures, and...
  • The Luminferous Ether is a jumping off point for sword-and-planet stories; swashbuckling in fantasy "space."
  • Finally, the mysterious world under the waves awaits those who might attempt to invade the realm of the Tritons!
In this issue you'll find lots of great questions and impressions to get things started, new monsters, new mini-systems, lots of quick NPCs, and three dangers in which characters might become embroiled.

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