PocketMod Sorcerers & Sellswords

Because 2-sides of one page wasn't small enough? Here are the rules for Sorcerers & Sellswords, slightly abbreviated, in PocketMod format. I couldn't fit in the lexicon, but it does have a character sheet!


Folding instructions here.


PocketMod Games

PocketMod is a one-page, book fold format. It's a little tricky to work with at first, but the format is really pleasing for writing microgames. Here are some folding instructions and a couple of PocketMod games I made.

Space Trucker
Space Trucker is inspired by 70s "trucker" stories/music - with a dash of Kung Fu, Space Opera, and Funk thrown in. The system is Minimal d6 by Norbert Matausch. The format was inspired by Sean Wills' Thronelands.

Flash Fantasy
This game is an expression of the Minimal d6 system, by Norbert G. Matausch, suitable for playing OSR modules. Or at least that was my goal; you can decide if I succeeded.

Extra Funk, a Little Punk, and Disco Hobo Drunks
Space Trucker fan Greg Gelder created this cool supplement. It includes more characters, more trucks, more maniacs, more minions and monster, more planet names, and more missions! It also has a list of cool truck stops, a Galactic Citizen's Band radio jargon glossary, and a list of Swag/Style elements. Greg's purpose here is to expand on some of the promise of Space Trucker that didn't fit into the original PocketMod, specifically to add some funk, punk, disco, and hobo elements.


Plundergrounds 5: The Far Erinyes

Plundergrounds is a series of theme-forward zines devoted to Dungeon World adventures. Each 24-32 page issue features a new and different setting with enough content to keep a group of players happy for 1-5 sessions.

The Far Erinyes is a crossroads - something that I think every GM can use. It's a city that sits at the nexus of several adventure worlds:

  • The Olvani Spire is an island-city where people from all over the known world might run into each other. However, it's also at the edge of the known world and a secret world lies inside of the spire, so it might also be a place where people go to get lost. 
  • Of course the seas that surround the Erinyes provides grand opportunities for sailing adventures, and...
  • The Luminferous Ether is a jumping off point for sword-and-planet stories; swashbuckling in fantasy "space."
  • Finally, the mysterious world under the waves awaits those who might attempt to invade the realm of the Tritons!

In this issue you'll find lots of great questions and impressions to get things started, new monsters, new mini-systems, lots of quick NPCs, and three dangers in which characters might become embroiled.

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The Easiest of Physical Zine Formats!

Are you intimidated by the idea of creating a physical zine? I am, or at least was.

I recently learned of a few, wonderful zine formats that greatly lower the fear factor. It's true that small successes breed larger ones, so I think I'm going to give one of these a try in the near future, hoping that it will give me courage to start sending out my digest-sized zine, Plundergrounds.

The Letter Zine
When I first learned of Christian Walker's The Tolling of the Great Black Bell, it blew my mind. Christian's zine begins as a hand-written/drawn artifact on both sides of one page. He copies his original onto colored paper, tri-folds it, and mails it in a standard envelope with a single stamp. He can even slip in several "back issues" without raising the postage, so let's say his cost per zine is something like 50 cents for postage plus maybe 15 cents a page for copying and paper stock, maybe another 10 cents for the envelope. Outside of his time, Christian is making and delivering a physical zine for 75 cents an issue. Brilliant. Easy. Useful!

I think my own mental block was that I always imagined a zine to be like a magazine or a book. It never occurred to me that a zine could just be a single page.

Black Bell (front/orange), What Danforth Saw (behind/yellow)

The Mini-Comic 
Another small zine I recently purchased was a comic called What Danforth Saw from artist Sean Poppe. I was expecting a digest-sized thing, so when I got a 3.5" by 5" envelope from him in the mail I was a little surprised. Inside was a blank piece of paper folded over a tiny booklet. The booklet was/is 3.25" x 3.75" and 20 pages long. (That number includes the cover and both sides of every page. IOW it is 5 strips of paper, printed on both sides and stapled/folded in the center.) The hand-feel was a bit like one of the old (horrible but also clever) Jack Chick tracts. It didn't even occur to me to feel "cheated" by the size. For one thing, I paid almost nothing for it. For another, the small format just seemed awesome! What a great idea to make the zine so that it fit in the kind of envelope that Thank You cards often use.

My one concern here is how to easily create the zine in this format. It seems like it would involve some fussy printing and cutting. One solution might be to use the PocketMod format. A PocketMod uses one sheet of paper, printed on one side only, to produce an 8-page pamphlet about the size of a playing card.

What's So Easy About These?
Both of these formats solve one of the biggest problems of the physical zine ... distribution. By exploiting standardized envelope sizes and mailing rates, they ensure that getting your zine to a reader will be easy. For your convenience...

USPS Size/Weight Limits
Domestic First Class
International First Class

EDIT: Follow Up!
So, it turns out that a 28 page zine the size of a half-page of US letter paper (5.5" x 8.5" tall) will fit into a mailing envelope (like this one) that conforms to the USPS requirements for a standard envelope! That means a single stamp. I tested it and it arrive at a friends house (on the other side of the US) in about 5 days. YAY!


Plundergrounds 4: Rakka's Raiders

Get it now with your $2/zine subscription to the Patreon.

This Issue

  • The Beast Rider compendium class, for animal lovers and characters with trusty mounts
  • Chasing, fleeing, racing, and stunt moves for riders
  • Rakka’s Raiders – a military campaign in which characters take on the role of beast riders caught between a tyrannical overlord and the empire that stole their tribal land
  • Demon Engines: war machines powered by bound demons
  • The Mad Bomber compendium class, because sometimes you just want to blow something up!


Plundergrounds 3: The Hoard

This one is all about dragons, their strange hoarding compulsion, and the ecosystem that develops around/within their unique lairs.

This Issue

  • The mysteries of elder dragons revealed!
  • Three hoarding dragons and their incredible lairs: Salucidiar's toxic wasteland, Balthazorial's flotilla of wrecked ships, and Lord Moamaug's vast catacombs.
  • Blood-sucking dragon crabs and other nasty hoard denizens!
  • The many uses of dragon blood.
  • The Staff of Ariol Graymane (a powerful relic and magical mcguffin for tying together the disparate hoards)
  • A toolbox on developing place-as-character.
  • All with art by Juan Ochoa, Karl Stjernberg, Sean Poppe, and yours truly

To purchase this issue, visit the Plundergrounds Back Issues page.

Plundergrounds 2: Kazarak

Plundergrounds is a series of theme-forward zines devoted to Dungeon World adventures. Each 24-page issue features a new and different setting with enough content to keep a group of players happy for 1-5 sessions.

Kazarak! Last of the ancient, underground citadels to fall. No dwarf will willingly speak its name. Its story harbors a dark secret and with its demise a portion of dwarf history and culture was forever lost. What treasures, and unspeakable horrors, lie buried in the ruins?

This Issue

  • Explore an abandoned subterranean city.
  • Meet Hillar Rockboots, dwarf archaeologist.
  • Encounter rust monsters, xorn, and derro!
  • Fight a petulant wizard, the inhuman mistress of a deadly garden, and a thoroughly evil ... rock?
  • Witness a world-ending battle between titans!

In the Toolbox:

  • Eye-popping art by Sean Poppe, Karl Stjernberg, and Jim Jones!
  • D8 Dwarf Twists
  • The Risk Die
  • Establishing Questions

To purchase this issue, visit the Plundergrounds Back Issues page.