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057 Call-In Roundup

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On the Workbench

  • Star Dreams - a game about sentient starships
  • Unnamed game about US Marines vs. Dinosaurs in WWII Pacific theater, possibly using The Front by Mark Hunt
  • Tri-fold zines from Nate Treme and Diogo Nogueira and the idea of Plundergrounds Micros

Rusty Swords

  • Project pitch (again, for those who haven't heard it)
  • Talking "scars"

Quarter 1 into Q2



Plundergrounds 7: In One Bite


Plundergrounds is a series of theme-forward zines devoted to Dungeon World adventures. Each 24-32 page issue features a new and different setting with enough content to keep a group of players happy for 1-5 sessions.

This one is a special double-issue, an adventure and an actual play account, both 32 pages.

In One Bite features a super hard opening frame (everyone is on a sinking ship) but then flows (pun intended, as they are washed down the gullet of a Leviathan) into a modular bio-dungeon. The focus is on puzzle-like rooms, some body horror, and general strangeness.

I did all the art for this one, as I did for Beyond the Black Gate, but I used a different style this time. I hope that's a good thing. I'm pleased with the results at any rate.

I also included lots of GM advice. (Way more than I usually would.) It was initially written to run as a one shot at cons to introduce new players to Dungeon World, and I have tested it as such. My largest group during the testing phase was 7 and I finished in 3 hours, including character generation and teaching the game. (Only one person at the table had played Dungeon World before and that was in the previous con session that morning.) I recommend 4 hours, though; 3 is pushing it. At the same time, In One Bite, could easily be played as 3-5 sessions. You should find it to be really flexible.

To purchase this issue, join my Patreon. (Or later, you will be able to get it from the Plundergrounds Back Issues page.)

You can get the Actual Play for free


053 Magic the What Now?

I ramble about using Magic the Gathering cards as inspiration for role-playing. Ideas stolen from the Dragon+ app (free app/subscription).

The online pack generator mentioned can be found at http://mtgen.net/.

[Edit. I was reminded that it was Ben Milton of Questing Beast who came up with tokens idea!)

M19 (Core 2019) Pack - Scenario

  • Foul Orchard - black green land, fertile and fetid*
  • Open the Graves - the swamp has expanded and taken over a cemetery, animating the corpses. Plants versus Zombies? Why not Plant Zombies I say.*
  • Two-Headed Zombie (leader)*
  • Dwarven Priest - bearer or righteous cleansing light*
  • Greenwood Sentinel - elf eco warrior*
  • Salvager of Secrets - merfolk wizard with the book-knowledge to end the cycle*
* Read the italicized flavor text on the cards. (Click to see larger image.)

UMA (Ultimate Masters) Pack - Scroll

  • Double Cleave - flaming blade laughs at your armor, does double damage
  • Desperate Ritual - bring on the lavalanche, but find some decent footing first!
  • Defy Gravity - fly there on a cloud, and return when you feel like it “flashback” 
  • Skyspear Cavalry - summon battle-trained gryphon mount, but only when there’s a fight on. It attacks with you.*
  • Offalsnout - summon grotesque centipede-pig-slug-thing that eats undead?
  • Spider Umbra - clothe yourself in a phantasmal spider suit, for a time you can climb walls, shoot phantasmal webs, move quickly, and get a sting attack. It dissolves when you take damage, hope you aren’t on the ceiling!
* Read the italicized flavor text on the cards. (Click to see larger image.)

The Bonus Pack Scenario 

  • Stampeding Horncrest - working dino that drags big stones to the pyramids, breaks loose and goes on a rampage (event)
  • Silerclad Ferocidons - matched teams of three pull chariots, work best when from the same clutch, one is always dominant
  • Dinosaur Hunter - badass ... uh ... dino hunter. What else is there to say. Probably some kind of ranger.
  • Pitiless Plunderer - cunning but trecherous sea captain who lost his ship, the Trident.
  • Shatter - the aforementioned ship
  • Aquatic Incursion - merfolk planning an invasion of the city. Did they sink the Trident?

The Bonus Pack Scroll

  • Scroll is something a merfolk wizard made and wants back! It is needed for the invasion.
  • Tilonalli's Crown - step 1, a spell to make the dinos in the city run wild/rampage.
  • Crashing Tide - step 2, a spell to cause a tidal wave and swamp the city
  • Shatter - a bomb spell to wreck a city or palace gate, topple a structure, etc.
  • Gruesome Fate - a spell to cage the city's vampire magistrate?