Plundergrounds 2: Kazarak

Plundergrounds is a series of theme-forward zines devoted to Dungeon World adventures. Each 24-page issue features a new and different setting with enough content to keep a group of players happy for 1-5 sessions.

Kazarak! Last of the ancient, underground citadels to fall. No dwarf will willingly speak its name. Its story harbors a dark secret and with its demise a portion of dwarf history and culture was forever lost. What treasures, and unspeakable horrors, lie buried in the ruins?

In This Issue  

  • Explore an abandoned subterranean city.
  • Meet Hillar Rockboots, dwarf archaeologist.
  • Encounter rust monsters, xorn, and derro!
  • Fight a petulant wizard, the inhuman mistress of a deadly garden, and a thoroughly evil ... rock?
  • Witness a world-ending battle between titans!
  • Eye-popping art by Sean Poppe, Karl Stjernberg, and Jim Jones!
  • D8 Dwarf Twists
  • The Risk Die
  • Establishing Questions
To purchase this issue, visit the Plundergrounds Back Issues page.

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