059 - 064 Podcast Note Roundup

064 Necromunda, Blades in the Dark, Undead Armies, Xeno Dead Zone

063 City Dreaming

062 Colin Was Right & Nuggets 2

061 Take That Colin — 5e Cast

060 Plugs, Imposters, Symptoms and Causes

059 Monster Twists & Troika

  • Something old, new, borrowed, blue challenge follow-up. 
  • Why aren't monsters fatigued/injured/distracted when you find them? Why are they fighting?
  • I plan to run Troika, here's an NPC
  • Tech upgrade to CR-V studios


058 Some Things Old, New, Borrowed, and Out of the Blue


Top Row: Front, Back, Side
Bottom Row: Unpacked, Packed

057 Call-In Roundup

Call-ins from:


056 Projects!!

On the Workbench

  • Star Dreams - a game about sentient starships
  • Unnamed game about US Marines vs. Dinosaurs in WWII Pacific theater, possibly using The Front by Mark Hunt
  • Tri-fold zines from Nate Treme and Diogo Nogueira and the idea of Plundergrounds Micros

Rusty Swords

  • Project pitch (again, for those who haven't heard it)
  • Talking "scars"

Quarter 1 into Q2